welcome to neko no hako

We only accept cash.

The admission fee for the catsʼ playing area is 600 yen per 30 minutes per person.

200yen will be charged in addition every 15 minutes thereafter.

The payment for this is required on your departure.

Please make sure to bring your ticket to our stuff at the cash register.


お一人様 30 分で 600 円の入場料を頂きます。

以降 15 分につき 200 円ずつの加算額になります。

入場開始時間を記入したカードを見て ご自由にご退室下さい。後払い精算です。


First drink is 200 ¥. Second drink or more is 400 ¥.


ドリンクは最初の1杯が 200 円です。2杯目からのドリンクは 400 円です。


Photography is allowed however photography with bright

flashes will disturb the cats, so please refrain from that.




It's prohibited to hold a cat and to shout and make noise.




The minimum age to enter the cat room is 7years old

accompanied by an adult.




Please donʼ t leave all the doors open.




Please sterilize your hands.